Want To Donate Your Car? Donating Tips And People You Could Choose To Donate Your Car To

If you have a car that runs well but you no longer need it, you should consider donating it to someone else that can make good use of it. There are many charitable organizations out there that will take your car and donate it. You could also choose someone on your own to donate your car to if you would like. Below are some tips on donating your car, as well as two types of people you should consider donating it to

Tips for Donating a Car

The first step in donating a car is choosing a charity. Research the different charities to help people that are meaningful to you. For example, some donations will help feed the homeless, support a local animal shelter, or support a religious institution.

Donating your car works much like selling your car. For example, you will have to have the paperwork to transfer the title and you will also have to cancel your registration. Exactly what you need to do depends on your state so contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles office to determine the details and requirements.

People You Can Choose

You can also choose people on your own if you prefer. Below are two types of people that will find it very helpful to have a car.

Single Mothers

There are over 10 million single mothers in the United States. A single mom can have a difficult time, especially if they are completely alone without any help at all. It could be hard for them to afford a car so donating one to them can be very helpful. They could then take their children to school, have a way to get to work, or to find a job. They would also have a car ready if there is an emergency.


Statistics show that approximately 11 to 20 out of every 100 Veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Sexual assault also happens during wars as 23% of women have reported sexual assault while they were in the military. This can also lead to PTSD.

Having PTSD could result in not being able to work, which would make it difficult to own a car. Some people with PTSD cannot drive, which would affect the family finances. In either of these cases, donating a car to this type of family would be very helpful.

Check with an accountant as you may be able to use car donation as a tax deduction.

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